I feel a bit like an old man curmudgeon. Harking back to a simpler time. Pining for the days pre-tether.

I’m no luddite. I am not a technophobe in the least. I just feel the pain and sadness of the technology tether frequently.


Technology has made sure we almost never part ways with it. Apps and online tools connect us in a way that engages and enriches our lives – it also distracts and cheapens our lives and experiences. We are bombarded by distraction. Bombarded.  Read More

Adventure and routine? Seems an unlikely combination.

Adventure doesn’t come easy. It can’t be bought or prepackaged and delivered. Adventure demands full engagement and all the trials and tribulations that come with it; there is a cost. For those willing to fully engage, the cost of admission is worth every dollar, the sweat equity, and the mental and emotional challenge.

The key to reaching your High Endeavor goals is sustainability. How do you sustain the vision and keep your eye on the prize when you are tested and ‘tolerance for adversity’ feels like a platitude? The answer is simple, yet the application of this simple answer is a lifetime of work: routines. Read More